Cleveland for A No Kill City is a group of activists made up of Bradley County residents aimed at seeing Cleveland Animal Control become a no-kill facility by 2017. The group is organized to have a team of photographers visit animal control each day and take photos of each dog and cat. These photos are then shared through social media in an effort to facilitate adoption or rescue. The photos, along with all available information about each animal, are loaded onto the Facebook page,¬†, each afternoon and tweeted through the handle @ClevelandNoKill. The group has also organized to have a volunteer coordinator available round-the-clock to answer phone calls and emails, and to monitor Facebook and Twitter in the effort at facilitating adoption or rescue for each animal. Cleveland Animal Control has agreed to honor a “no kill” nightly fax provided that the group adopts or takes into rescue the animals that are listed on the fax the next day. The grassroots activists are also working to implement the 11 steps in the No Kill Equation as a long-term resolution to the killing of healthy dogs and cats. In the first three months of its existence, the activist group has driven kill numbers at animal control from nearly 80 percent to 20 percent.

Video by: Shelby Prendergast