How to adopt an animal:

  1. Call us at (423) 464-6070.
  2. Give the volunteer you speak with the number of the animal you want to adopt (e.g. Dog 424), your name and telephone number.
  3. The volunteer will place the animal on the no-kill fax that is sent out every evening.
  4. On the date the animal is available for adoption, go to Cleveland Animal Control at 360 Hill Street SE, Cleveland, TN 37311 (11am-5pm M-F and 10am-12pm Sat).
  5. Give an Animal Control officer the number of the animal you want to adopt. They will then process the adoption.
  6. There are two veterinarians in Cleveland that honor the $50 adoption fee: Dixie Day Spay (423) 476-7122 and Appalachian Animal Clinic (423) 479-4760. Choose one of these two for your new companion animal to go to for their vetting.
  7. Animal Control will then take your new companion animal to the vet you have chosen.
  8. Contact the vet to find out when your animal will be ready to go to its new home.

NOTE: Calling to adopt an animal does not mean the animal will be held for you. All animals at Cleveland Animal Control are first come, first serve.


 If you are not local, volunteers may be able to facilitate your adoption and assist with transportation.


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