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Ideas and points of discussion


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Feb 24 (5 days ago)

to gsmith

Greetings Gene!

I have not had the chance to sit down with you lately, so I thought I would compile some ideas we had into an email for you.

We would like to know the status of Dog # 1230.  Roy and Heath informed us on Saturday that she was moved to Quarantine as she had bloody stool, I think Heath also said that he saw worms in it.  We had planned on taking her to Tractor Supply on Saturday, but could not because of that.  Roy said that he could take her to the vet, but I believe that she was still there when we returned Saturday afternoon.  We possibly have an interested adopter, but just need to know her status.

I found a wonderful website from a college that focuses on shelter medicine, I thought I would pass it along to you.  There are articles about many things that could be useful in improving Cleveland Animal Control and it’s progress toward becoming a true “No Kill” shelter.   Click here for the website

We would like to see a few thing happen upon intake.  The first being microchip scanning.  I am not sure if AC has a scanner, but it may be something to look into if you do not.  There are 2 dogs there now in Kennel 8 that came in either Friday night or early Saturday.  They were both still wearing their leashes.  The owner called us with a perfect description of the dogs, stating that they were chipped.  If they had been scanned on intake, the owner would have been able to pick them up on Saturday.  Now they have to stay until Monday.  She was actively looking for her dogs, but did not call until after AC closed on Saturday.  Micochipping is pretty common now, espcially with rescues.  And as much publicity that AC gets now, there are still those that do not know where or that there is even an Animal Control in Cleveland.  Scanning could increase the amount of Owner Claimed dogs that we have to an even higher number.

We also wanted to know if dogs could be weighed on intake.  It is sometimes hard to tell from a photograph the true size of a dog or cat.  May times this is the deciding factor of whether someone can adopt or not.  We had asked Lindsey if this could be done about a month ago, but never heard of a decision.

Regarding vaccination on intake. The website that I provided has an extensive article on vaccination.  We think it would be beneficial to start this program.  If there is an animal that has an allergic reation, a simple dose of OTC Benadryl would reverse the effects.  Personal observation from volunteering at the monthly vaccine clinics at Dixie Day these are few and far between.  From the hundreds of animals that have been vaccinated, I have only seen a handful of allergic reactions.

We have also researched the cost of vaccines and dewormer.  Webster Veterinary Supply has very reasonable rates on vaccines, dewormer and supplies.  A discount is even offered for municipal facilities.  The cost of a DHPP is $2.10 ea.  This supplier offers a ‘Buy 3 trays get 1 free’ program for shelter. Each tray contains 25 DHPPs. So the final cost would actually be $1.58 per vaccine. Strongid will run less than .20 per dose for a puppy. FVRCPs (URI in kitties) cost 1.50 per vaccine and are eligible for the same program.  Bordatella/kennel cough vaccine: $1.90 ea and 3 ml syringe with needle: .09 ea.  These are costs before the discount.  As I suggested before, if these services were performed by AC before the dog/puppy, cat/kitten went to the vet at the time of adoption, the vets that do honor the $50 fee could be asked to reduce the amout that they bill so that AC may recoup the cost and turn that money back around to purchase more vaccines and supplies.

Owner Surrenders.  We were hoping that a little more information could be made available regarding Owner Surrendered animals.  When we post them, people usually want to know if the animal has a name, are they already spayed or neutered, are they microchipped, housebroken, good with cats or other dogs, good with kids, why were they surrendered (mostly this is to determine any personality traits vs. the owners personal situation for surrendering).  I know that the In Ticket that the owner fills out is a pretty simple form, but couldn’t an additional form be offered that this information could be included on?  Also if there are any vet records that they could provide, espcially regarding any past medical treatment that was not routine.  This really helps us in networking the dogs and cats as it is sometimes hard to determine the true personality of the pet until he or she is out of the AC environment.  Dogs that are quiet and reserved inside the kennels can really come out of their shell at an adoption event.  It’s like magic!

Adopted animals returned to AC.  Unfortunately, sometimes the first home is not the forever home and the dog or cat may be returned for a second (or third) time.  It would be helpful if a record could be kept on dogs or cats that have been returned.  Why is the animal being returned?  Could vaccine and spay/neuter records be provided at the time of surrender?  If the animal if fully vetted and records are provided to prove that, or at least the name of the vet that provided the services so it could be verified, could the animals adoption fee be reduced?  If the adoption fee has to stay the same but does not need one or more of these services when they arrive at the vet, where does the extra money go?  Can that be turned around to fund medical treatment, vaccines, pre-adoption spay/neuter?

I understand that some of these questions/subjects may take more than a yes or no answer from you.  We appreciate your compassion and cooperation in seeing this dream come true for the homeless animals of the City of Cleveland and Bradley County.

Thank you!


Cleveland For A No Kill City Volunteer

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Feb 25 (4 days ago)

to cacrescue, dmaddux, me

Hey Lindsey, please read over this and we can discuss and respond to it.

Thanks, Gene

Cleveland Animal Control

Feb 25 (4 days ago)


to gsmith, me, dmaddux

Thank you, Gene. I also did not receive the safe list this morning.  I had been receiving it everyday. If you could forward that on, I would really appreciate it.  I know you are slammed today with Jennifer out and I wanted to keep track of those adoptions with Thomas.

Re: C4NKC questions

We can already report that #1230 died over the weekend. Blood was found in the kennel of #1230, but the attendant did not smell Parvo. Our internet was down briefly so I called the number C4NKC requested and the volunteer said, “Any information you have can be sent to our e-mail address.” She then abruptly hung up on me. If the policy you requested has changed, please let us know. It is essential to lifesaving efforts that we work together.

Regarding the two dogs with microchips – Yes, AC has scanners in every truck and scans every stray animal. Proper intake procedure was followed. Regarding weighing the dogs, your request was disseminated a month ago. Proper intake procedure is being followed.

Gene and I will discuss the remainder of your ideas. Many of them will need to go through the Shelter Advisory Board. Vaccinations were discussed not long ago and many vets had reservations regarding vaccinating pups for various reasons.  However, we will discuss and get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for all the work you do.

Lindsey Smith

Rescue Liaison

Cleveland, Tennessee Animal Control



Cleveland for a No Kill City <clevelandforanokillcity@gmail.com>

Feb 25 (4 days ago)

to Cleveland

E-mail received.